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Beta64 – Star Fox 64

New video on the development of Star Fox 64!

Star Fox 64 has held up well over the test of time. I remember watching my friends play this game, and once I purchased my own Nintendo 64, this game was the first I ever purchased for it. Honestly, it’s my favorite title in the Star Fox series. 🙂

So, I hope you enjoy learning about the game’s development!
– Andrew (Beta64)

Beta64 – Rayman Origins

New video on the development of Rayman Origins!

This video was so difficult to make. All the info was just scattered around everywhere. It took some serious time during the research phase, but once that was done… I got sick. 😛
But it’s all done now, and the resulting video is one of my new favorites on the channel.
I think the most interesting thing in the video is the beta script. Having that much info on the game’s story just shows you how much you were missing in the game. To be honest, I think having more story would have been better, but it’s not a “game-breaker.”

What do you guys think of the fact that 50% of the story was cut? Let me know with a comment below. 🙂
– Andrew (Beta64)

Q&A Friday – Consistent Uploads

“Ohh u guys are still alive cool I lik ur videos but u gotta be more consistent cause I forget that u exist sometimes lol”
– Sting Kun

I understand what you mean. At this point, I release at least one video a month, and that isn’t what I want. I truly want to start releasing videos on a timed schedule (and more often), but at the moment I can’t… but maybe soon. (^_^)

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Beta64 – Super Mario Strikers

New video on Super Mario Strikers for the Nintendo Gamecube!

Wow! This past month has been absolutely crazy. I’m so glad I still got this video out relatively on time. (^_^;)
It was really fun to make this video, and I was extremely surprised how much info I found, especially for a sports game. This just goes to show that you can never truly know how much info there is of game until you really start researching. I wonder if there are any other smaller, lesser know games with cool development stories…

Let me know if you can think of any and leave a comment below! 🙂

– Andrew (Beta64)

Q&A Friday – Changed Voice

“Is it me or does the Beta64 narrator’s voice sound different? Are they different people or is Beta64 just one person?”
– Darren Stauffer

It’s not just you! I’ve noticed the changes too. From my first video on Luigi’s Mansion to my videos today, it’s always been me behind the mic, but there’s a few reasons I think my videos sound so different from 2012 to now.

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